• Valuation

    Are you looking to sell or rent out your property?

    Your insurance company or your bank wish to know the value of if?

    Contact us to realise a professional valuation free of charge!

    Let's take the time to make a detailed visit of your property. To assess it at its fair value, we must take everything into account, for example:

    • its own characteristics
    • the constantly changing real estate market

    We share with you our technical expertise and knowledge of the Luxembourg real estate market to provide you with a professional and objective valuation on the basis of which you can sell/rent your property at the best price.

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  • Property Management

    Save TIME and ENSURE a serene management!

    We provide tailor-made services for the daily management of your real estate portfolio, which may include:

    • Searching for potential rental candidates;
    • Maintaining your property: communication, planning and monitoring with different companies involved in the maintenance of your property (cleaning, repairs, revisions etc.);
    • Managing financial processes: rent, issuance of receipts, revisions of rent, etc;
    • Proceeding administrative and accountancy tasks: statement of charges, tax;
    • Conflict solving: administrative and legislative advice, support in case of non-payment, degradation, or any other dispute that may arise during the rental of your property.

    We take care of everything following one specific goal => Make your life easier!

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    We are at your service to find the most suitable property for you.

    We share our expertise to

    - Identify your needs

    We guide you best possible in your research; identifying your needs is an essential step in the acquisition/rental process.

    - Select, Search properties: We select the most suitable properties from our database; we also work in close collaboration with selected agencies, enabling us to offer you a generous and varied offer.

    - We accompany you at every step

    Thanks to:

    • A comprehensive knowledge of the properties that we present to you;
    • Technical advice on your arrangements, transformations, improvements;
    • Tax and legal advice to optimize your investment;
    • The assurance of buying/renting at the right price and under good conditions;
    • Partnerships with financial and insurance institutions to ensure you obtain the best market conditions;
    • Drafting of the sale/rental agreements;until the signing of the notarial deed in the event of sale, (follow-up of obtaining financing, particular attention to the various suspensive clauses, reading of meters, assistance with change of address, etc.)
    • Support until the handover of the keys and the drafting of the inventory list.

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  • Capital Market


    We provide you advice and customized solutions for your projects to meet your specific needs in terms of investments.

    We make every effort to find solutions adapted to each request.

     • Identification of your needs:

    To guide you in your search, together we target your investment criteria in various real estate sectors: residential, offices, warehouses or even retail.

    • The selection of properties:

    Depending on your budget envelope and the profitability sought, we select the most appropriate properties from our database and contacts throughout Luxembourg.

    Follow-up of your investment project.

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