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Laurent MAJERUS (LU) has created HOME-IN Sàrl in 2013. He holds of a master’s degree in economics and has 12 years of experience in real estate project financing at ING Luxembourg (Retail and SME). Furthermore, more than 14 years of experience in the real estate sector as an independent are testifying his knowledge of the local market.

His availability, his commitment, his sense of innovation and customer orientation have enabled him to consolidate his position on the market. Over the years, thanks to the growing confidence of landlords and developers in the country, the activity has naturally expanded to include professional real estate. Thus giving birth to the second commercial brand OFFICE-IN.

Clients and members of his team know him as a successful, passionate and motivated leader who loves challenges and strives for demanding projects. Unconventional thinking, exceptional performance and a keen business sense characterize him.


The multidisciplinary and multilingual team supports the customer-oriented attitude and is proud to be part of the next stage of further development of the agency. Fair conditions for employees are not just words, but also practiced in the company.

Trained and supervised employees with a fixed base salary, the provision of modern equipment and attractive commission contribute to a positive atmosphere. Individual business ideas that promote the development of the company and/or the team are honoured and implemented. A well-being plan completes the framework.


HOME-IN-OFFICE also implements, as far as possible, environmental protection measures, such as contracts with electronic signature when possible. Special cleaning products that are 100% organic and not harmful to health are used throughout the agency space.

HOME-IN-OFFICE has carried out many projects to the great satisfaction of its customers. Here are some references:


Rented by agency

€ 1,625 / Month (Fees included)

Apartment, Luxembourg

Rented by agency

€ 4,940 / Month (Fees included)

Warehouse, Windhof

Rented by agency

€ 800 / Month

Bedroom, Luxembourg

Rented by agency

€ 1,025 / Month (Fees included)

Apartment, Reuler

Rented by agency

€ 989 / Month (Fees included)

Office, Roost


Rented by agency

€ 2,898 / Month (Fees included)

Office, Roost


Rented by agency

€ 140 / Month

Carpark, Luxembourg

Rented by agency

€ 275 / Month (Fees included)

Office, Niederanven

Rented by agency

€ 444 / Month (Fees included)

Office, Kehlen

Vendu par l'agence Sold by agency

€ 650,000

Business, Ettelbruck


Reviews of certified clients.

Landlords and partners trust us
Testimony of:

  • Très bonne réactivité face à ma demande et qualité des biens proposés. La gestionnaire de mon dossier a bien cerné mes besoins et a proposé plusieurs biens correspondant à mes critères, tout ceci dans l'urgence, ce qui a été fort apprécié.

    Mélanie FRANCOIS

  • Agence très réactive et qui génère beaucoup de contacts qualitatifs. Très bon partenaire de notre business center. À consommer sans modération 😊. Benjamin

    Keasy Sàrl

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